Intermeshing Mixers

KOBELCO’s intermeshing rotor provides better intake of the rubber and improved dispersion than intermeshing rotors currently available in the market. This superior performance is especially effective in high silica compounds. Our rotor also provides better uniformity in compound properties between batches.

We have established a solid track record in supplying intermeshing mixers worldwide, and have received high acclaim from our users.

Laboratory Model Intermeshing Rotor

Model BB-L1600IM BB-L3200IM BB-14IM
Type of Rotor KIR-II KIR-II KIR-II
Net Chamber Volume (Liter) 1.75 3.6 14.5
Nominal Batch Capacity (Kg) 1.25 2.57 10.4
Rotor Speed (RPM) 120 123 120
Required Motor Power (KW) 22 37 150
Approx. Weight (t) 2.5 3.0 4.0

Product Model Intermeshing Rotor

Model BB-60IM BB-150IM BB-270IM BB-320IM BB-430IM
Net Chamber Volume (Liter) 59 152 242 325 428
Nominal Batch Capacity (Kg) 42.2 109 173 232 306
Rotor Speed (RPM) 50 60 60 50 50
Required Motor Power (KW) 300 800 1260 1680 2220
Approx. Weight (t) 13.0 30.0 60.0 70.0 75.0


  • Rotor type 2WS stands for 2-wing type, 4WH=4-wing H type, 6WI=6 wing VCMT type, 4WN=4-wing Type
  • Specific gravity for compound to be 1.1. Filling factor of 2WS:70%,4WH:75%,6WI:80%,4WN:77%,5THR:75%,KIR-II:65%
  • Fill Factor and Mixing capacity to be subject to change on mix condition and/or compound.
  • Weight data includes Mixer Main body and Gear reducer. Main motor weight not included in the data.

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