Remanufacturing Mixers

Our capabilities on remanufacturing of Mixers start with size from 240 Liter Mixer to 620 Liter Mixer. We will remanufacture the Mixer to bring all Mixer clearances in to original factory values. Our team can incorporate the latest Mixer developments to Perform the Mixer in better way like a new Mixer.

Following are the offerings.

  • Retrofit the Hydraulic RAM instead of pneumatic
  • Upgradation of dust seal assembly from SSA to YH Type
  • Upgrading the rotor and chamber hardness for silica Mixing
  • Upgrading the rotor model to suit the current product mix
  • Retrofittable with existing layout
  • Upgrading with latest IIoT features for condition monitoring and preventive maintenance

Before Remanufacturing


After Remanufacturing


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